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Here at River influence we aim to learn from recent events and hope to speed up the process of understanding through geo-tagging & documenting every influence on our river systems.

The truth is no-one has a clear or full picture of the amount of pipes, drains, outfalls, burns & misconnections etc entering the river, this is what this project identifies and provides information to investigate.

River Esk Jan 14th 2022



Building up a clear and precise digital map and database of your river will allow you to highlight where improvements and solutions need to be actioned.


Information gathered by your volunteers will be collected and entered onto the project map by the project coordinator, this information can be easily integrated into google maps/earth, Qgis & Arcgis geo-tagging systems for seamless data sharing.

Aside from bigger more obvious pollution incidents we need to assess the scale of culmanitive pollution along the full extent of every influence on our rivers, this is where the process begins. A complete map from source to sea made by people who are passionate about their rivers.

River mapping is the first step the project will provide, identifying point source issues. Prevention and solutions will be the second stage of the project which is currently in the research and planning stage.


       Understanding our freshwater river systems and providing solutions is the main aim of the project.

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